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Gogoanime is the best site for any fan of anime. Our site is such an easy doorway to gain full access to all genres of anime, from the oldest to the most trending and without registration required. We provide you a fulfilling experience watching and downloading ultra HD videos that are completely FREE. The videos are high quality and available in various genres and include many popular anime like One piece, Naruto, Dead Note, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, One-Punch Man, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, My Hero Academia,... All anime are supported with English sub and dub to serve anime fans all over the world.

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To bring you the top experience, our team works hard to update anime episodes daily. The interface is eye-catching yet user-friendly to satisfy even the most demanding viewer.

Can You Trust Gogoanime?

Absolutely. Gogoanime.studio promises to protect your privacy when using this site. Any personal information collected from your interaction with us will only be used under the terms of our privacy policy. Maintaining user privacy is our top priority. To keep our service free and sustainable, we may disclose your personal information to partners who will run related ads of your interests or programmers who help personalize the content to you. But nothing without your consent will be carried out. Kindly check our policy for further details. Watching anime on Gogoanime is legal and safe. Our site is committed to strictly follow the Copyright terms for any content shown. This is also applied to downloading anime. Therefore, viewers don’t need to worry about violating copyright rules.

Is Downloading From Gogo Anime Safe?

Downloading videos from Go go anime is totally free and safe. This great feature offers convenience so that you can enjoy the anime offline whenever and wherever. If there is any case you can't download from Gogo Anime, reload your browser or wait a short while for the server to get ready. There can be some backup links you can try.

You can watch and download Gogoanime anime without any worry of viruses or malware that will harm your computer. However, many sites are trying to replicate us. Their anime might contain Trojans that are harmful to your devices. For your safety, only use this official Gogoanime site.

GogoAnime have ADS. Please be aware that we display ads just to maintain the site’s performance. Any notification popping up on your device and warning that “your device has a virus” is merely an ad. So, don’t click on it.

Does Gogo anime Have an App?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to develop an application for smartphones just yet. Our technicians haven’t developed any official Gogoanime app on mobile devices for this website. Right now, this website is only displayed on browsers. If your internet connection is good enough, the site will run impeccably. All anime are lightweight to ensure no interruption while viewing.

What is the Official Gogoanime?

Gogoanime.studio is currently our only official site. Any other websites if found are all mirror sites. Here are some of the signs to know if you are visiting a cloned website:
  • Before you watch a video, there is always a requirement for you to install random software, which can be related or unrelated. This is never the case if you are at the official website, no action is ever required for a video. Make sure you don’t follow the query to not get a virus from Gogoanime fake websites.
  • Even without clicking on any ads, there is a different window automatically popping up with irrelevant content while you are on the site. You can’t access a video and the site asks you to download files in RAR, ZIP, PDF formats to stream.
  • Suspicious ads keep interrupting while you are watching anime.
If you spot or suspect a fake site of Gogoanime, for your safety, simply leave the site and don’t return.

Outstanding Features of Gogoanime?

Gogoanime gives you unlimited free access to a huge variety of anime genres that can suit your taste. From classical Shounen, History, Action, Drama, Shoujo Ai, Comedy to Romance, you name it, we have it.
  • All anime on Gogoanime (Gogoanime.io) are being constantly updated, so you can always catch up with the ongoing trends of the anime world. You can find old, all-time-favorite anime far in the past.
  • If you are just visiting Gogoanime TV website and still new to anime yourself, Comedy/ Slice-of-Life is a good start. It offers a relaxed and chill anime vibe but is still strong enough to introduce the uniqueness of Japanese culture. “Nichijou”, “Azumanga Daioh” or “Great Teacher Onizuka” are all top names of this type.
  • Simply hop over to the search bar at the top, type down any name of anime you want to watch, and enjoy yourself. Gogoanime is the best place to spend your entertainment time with all of its high-quality, free, and most trending anime.
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